Use a Nintendo Wii to control the
color of your LED Lighting


After my first Wiimote project in which I controlled my curtains, I realized the endless possibilties of home automation with a Nintendo Wii and it’s Wiimote controller. On this page you can read how I set the color of my LED lighting with the Wiimote. Read on to get a detailed HowTo.

Let’s start with a video of the end-result:

The RGB Controller
The controller I used is from a Vogel’s Moodvision XLF200 set. These real nice looking, very intense LED lighting tubes are available in 2 versions. There is a button controlled version (XLF200) and a remote controlled version (XLF300). Extra LED tubes are available in the XLF100 package. I used the XLF200 controller with a nice blue button.

XLF200 Moodvision Controller

Hacking the controller
I wanted to be able to make any color and not only simulate button presses with my Wiimote. So I had to modify the controller a bit. It’s rather easy to open the controller. Inside is a microcontroller, some fet’s that drive the LEDs and a switch. I wanted to talk to this controller by RS232 so I soldered a SUB-D9 connector to the TDO and RDI pins of the micro. Picture below:
Moodvision Inside

Bluetooth Dongle
On the PC I attached a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle that I bought in China. It comes with a free version of the Blue Soleil bluetooth stack.

I paired my Wiimote with my PC. This is done by holding down the 1 and 2 button on the Wiimote (leds will flash) and use the bluetooth software to set op a connection with a HID device.

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13 Responses to “RGWii”

  • Every time i come here I am not disappointed, nice post!

    Greetings from Tim. :)

  • stan says:

    Goede avond,

    Vandaag heb ik een Vogels MoodVision XLF200 LED verlichting gekocht, en zo ben ik ook op uw website uitgekomen. Erg mooi hoe u deze ledverlichting heeft geupgrade. Nu lijkt het mijzelf ook erg mooi om een soort afstandbediening in te bouwen. Zou het ook mogelijk zijn om direct een infrarood ontvanger in te bouwen in de controller zodat je de verlichting zou kunnen verandere met bv je afstandbediening van je tv. En heeft u misschien wat detail foto’s van hoe u de de SUB-D9 connector heeft aangesloten op de TDO en RDI pins.

    Bij voorbaat dank.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Stan van den Pol

  • Guy says:


    Very nice website and some great projects.
    I was particularly interested in the RGWii, as I purchased the same set recently.
    I would also like to control it through the serial port.
    Could you post some more details about the connection (I see on the picture you added a resistor?) I did find the pinout of the 7FLITE39, but it doesn’t say much about the serial port.
    I’m also interested on the commands you send to the controller. How did you find the right commands? Are there other commands?


  • Normand Boivin says:

    Nice controller interface.

    Can you post or email the Basic program that receives the GPIE OSC stream. I am trying to Wiimotely control a Roomba which also has an RS232 interface.


  • cant you use a wii remote aswell for like messing with bluetooth laptops. I remember a friend of mine was DJ’ing on his laptop at a party and his cousing took out a remote ( i think it was a Wii Remote) and basically just sync’d up and shut off his laptop during a session. Was funny. but i may be wrong about it being a Wii remote.

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